Trek Bicycle has released an updated range of its hugely popular cyclocross bikes, Boone and Crockett.


The latest editions feature key upgrades such as 15mm thru-axles, hydraulic disc brakes, updated drivetrain specs, and new colors and graphics. Widely regarded as two of the cyclocross world's premiere race horses since hitting the scene in 2013, Boone and Crockett's immediate popularity exceeded even our expectations leaving the cyclocross world wanting. That wait is over. A better Boone and Crockett are available now.


All disc models of both the Boone and Crockett are now equipped with front thru-axles which allows for more precise and confident steering while eliminating flex and reducing weight. For those exceedingly brilliant, fast, and obviously better-looking racers who currently ride Boone and Crockett Disc models and wish to upgrade to a new carbon thru-axle fork, Trek will be making them available later this year through its authorized retailer network.


While wrapping an existing bike in a new color and graphic scheme and calling it "all-new" may seem disingenuous to the more grizzled and cynical bike journalist, be aware that Trek takes its color theory very seriously. Through some highly scientific and complicated research, the details of which we won't bore you with, Trek has scientifically proven that Boone and Crockett's new color schemes result in a 16.2% increase in mid-race hand ups and an 117.4% increase in calling your bike a “whip.” Trust us—we use science and stuff.


NEW Boone and Crockett Cyclocross Bikes available in these models:

- Boone 5 Disc, Boone 7, Boone 9 Disc

- Crockett 5 Disc, Boone 7, Boone 9 Disc


Boone and Crockett framesets are also available in both Disc and Canti brake versions.