We have already spoken of the frame Emonda, now comes the time of the Road Test, in SLR version, assembled with Shimano Dura Ace 11s mechanical and Bontrager components, including wheels with carbon rims.



So assembled, the bike has a weight of 6.1kg.

Road Test
The frame Trek Emonda is nice, but not exceptional in particular, the weight of the bike is very low but in line with competitors. The functionality of the Shimano Dura Ace is always exemplary, as well as the brakes, perfect for scalability and performance. The integrated handlebar Bontrager has a good ergonomics, is very light, but not as rigid as compared to other integrated handlebars. Good saddle. The Bontrager wheels are light enough and sliding, but needs a little stiffness to be competitive in acceleration, going uphill well, but not as in the plains, where would like a greater lateral stiffness; excellent behavior of the braking, with a more modulated action. Valid driving comfort, with a good ability to filter out vibrations and shocks coming from the asphalt. On road very much appreciates the lightness of the bike, the climb is its favorite road, which rises faster and safer. It’s also true, however, that the frame does not highlight values of considerable rigidity, and so it is easy that bike heavier 100-200 grams follow quietly , taking advantage of their better ability to transfer the power to the rear wheel. Excellent stability and safety driving downhill; good handling, with insertions in the curve accurate and fast enough. In the plains and the hills pay a little its light weight, the bike has a good point in the first pedal stroke, where takes peremptorily forward, but lacks the rigidity in the development of acceleration used to transfer the power to the well rear wheel. It's not in trouble, but it is also true that it takes advantage of so easily, at least with athletes of a certain weight and power, because otherwise it might be, instead, a winning choice. Overall, however, show a very specialized bike, that's great uphill, especially when it is hard and difficult, excellent downhill, while the hill is defended and lost in the plains, where the heavier bikes rely on their greater rigidity. In the end it is difficult to always capitalize the lightness of the frame and it is not said that the bike is as competitive as its reduced weight would suggest; a great bike for those who look first to the light.

Our vote for the bike in test 9/10