I reply to all those who ask me in private many personal considerations on bikes that I test, unfortunately you are many (thanks!) and I can not answer at all. Fortunately, you do all the same questions .... To which I gladly reply:
I would buy this bike and why?
I do not buy it because it costs too much and has a too limited use, it's fine just uphill ...
Defects? It's a bike not very rigid
What would you change? Nothing, the bike is fine as it is, either you love or you hate it ...
What upgrades would you do? no one
It’s a bike suits for Gran Fondo? Of course, if you want a very light bike, it is also quite comfortable
It's a bike suitable for climbing? It's a top bike for hard climb
Its performance is competitive? Uphill, but the road is not always just uphill ...
What alternatives are there to this model? The direct competitors are:
Cannondale Evo Hi Mod
Cervélo California
What is the main advantage of Trek compared to direct competitors? It's more rigid
I want the bike with the best price-performance ratio, is Trek right? Certainly not