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A good E-Bike for the city and tourism at 360 degrees

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TranzX PST is part of JD Group, with operations in Taiwan, China, Japan, Germany and USA. Among the customers of the corporation outstanding Coca Cola, Ferrari, Kawasaki, Pride Mobility, Razor, Red Bull and Swiss Army. TranzX PST is specialized in bicycle components. His rich catalogue includes a wide range of batteries and motors for E-Bike, specific equipment for E-Bike, racks and other components and a full range of E-Bike, in different settings: Sport or City, man or woman. These models also different in the diameter of the wheels, with the classic 28-inch models and a range with 20-inch wheels. The Eagle model is an E-Bike for the city, offered in different colours, and in one size. The frame is 6061, with fork TranzX PST and 35 mm of travel. The brakes are Tektro disc with mechanical control. The wheels are always TranzX PST, the front one with the electric motor TranzX PST MR05, 250 watts. The battery is in the back and has a power of 10 Ah and 36 Volt. The battery is lithium, the charging time is approximately 4-6 hours, autonomy reaches 100 km, in economy run. The bike is also equipped with Shimano Nexus eight-speed. The handlebar is another product of TranzX, fully adjustable for height and distance. The display allows you to control all aspects of cycling, such as battery power, speed, distance, the selection of engine power. The electric motor can be set in different positions, off, on, "economy", "normal", "climbing" and "turbo". In the bottom bracket is inserted the detector that allows automatic switching on and off the electric motor. There's also a complete set of lights, front and rear. The seatpost is fully height-adjustable, pedals are standard, as well as large rack that can hold loads up to 20kg. The 20-inch tires are Schwalbe, specific for E-Bike. The handles are ergonomic, as well as the brake levers.