The JD Group, a major manufacturer of bicycle components and leading developer of electric technology for electric bicycles, has successfully certified its TranzX PST batteries through the BATSO test seal. With the help of a revamped battery management system, there is also more resistance to deep discharges.

The new generation of batteries, which include BATSO certification and an improved BMS, are already being utilized for 2011.

BATSO test seal for all future battery generations JD has opted for additional, battery quality testing by external experts to officially guarantee the safety of all of its batteries. For this, JD works together with the Battery Safety Standards and Certification Organization (BATSO).

The TranzX PST batteries BL03 and BL05 were recently successfully tested at the BATSO laboratory and designated with the BATSO seal. The certified batteries are labeled with an inspection sticker signaling to retailers and consumers that the technology has undergone quality assurance testing.

In the future, all new battery generations will be certified through the BATSO system, including both the new BL07 battery model as well as all future developments.

Improved BMS protects against deep discharges The advanced Li-ion batteries from the TranzX PST product family are based on an improved battery management system (BMS).Through technical enhancements, the risk of deep discharges or losing capacity was significantly reduced.

It continues to be important to charge the batteries every three months.

Nonetheless, minor variations from the usual charge cycle no longer risk causing deep discharges that would require a visit to the retailer or manufacturer.

This advanced technology will be integrated into all of the TranzX PST batteries coming onto the market in 2011.

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